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  • AI performs better if you give it an inner monologue

AI performs better if you give it an inner monologue

Devs get another AI tool to fix bugs, Nvidia launches a $9/h AI “nurse”

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AI performs better if you give it an inner monologue, Devs get another AI tool to fix bugs, Nvidia launches a $9/h AI “nurse”

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  • How researches improved AI performance by giving AI an inner monologue

  • GitHub's new AI can fix Bugs

  • GPT5 Arriving in 2024. Perhaps

  • AWS, Accenture and Anthropic enter partnership. This might be the biggest partnership in the AI world since Microsoft and OpenAI.

  • Software developers headcount stagnated since ChatGPT 4 was launched

  • Facebook is filled with AI generated garbage

  • 42% of film and TV production workers say AI will harm people in their field

  • Nvidia announces AI powered health care agents that cost $9 an hour


What: Giving artificial intelligence (AI) systems an “inner monologue” has shown promising results in enhancing their reasoning abilities. This innovative approach, known as QuietSTaR, entails training AI models to engage in thoughtful consideration before responding to prompts, akin to how humans often pause to contemplate before speaking.

Key points:

  • 💡 Giving AI systems an "inner monologue" through the QuietSTaR technique enhances their reasoning abilities.

  • 🧠 QuietSTaR encourages AI models to engage in thoughtful consideration before generating responses, similar to human decision-making processes.

  • 📊 Implementation of QuietSTaR on Mistral 7B, a large language model, resulted in significant improvements in reasoning capabilities.

  • 📈 Mistral 7B trained with QuietSTaR showed a notable increase in performance on reasoning tests and doubled its math performance compared to baseline.

Noteworthy: A lot of improvements for AI came from increasing hardware efficiency, new AI chips and just adding more power to the models. We can also explore many other holistic ways to find improvements without needing any capital investments.


What: Google faces two significant challenges in an AI-driven world: maintaining relevance amid changing technological landscapes and dealing with the proliferation of AI-generated content, which threatens traditional search engine models.

Key points:

  • Adaptation to AI Innovation: Google must invest in AI research and development to catch up with competitors like Microsoft in AI-powered search technologies.

  • Monetization Strategy: It needs to develop new revenue streams and business models to monetize AI-generated content effectively.

  • Partnerships and Collaboration: Google should explore partnerships and collaborations to enhance its AI capabilities and expand its market presence.


  • 💡 GPT-5, OpenAI's latest language model, is set to be released in mid-2024 according to reports from Business Insider.

  • 🌟 Described as "materially better," GPT-5 promises enhancements that could revolutionize AI-driven communication and composition.

  • 🔄 GPT-5 builds upon its predecessors with a multimodal approach, integrating text and visual input for various applications.

  • 💬 At its core, GPT-5 remains a next-token prediction model, facilitating conversational AI applications like ChatGPT.

  • 💡 GitHub introduces a code-scanning autofix feature powered by AI to detect and fix security vulnerabilities.

  • 🛠️ The tool combines GitHub's Copilot and CodeQL, promising real-time remediation of over two-thirds of detected vulnerabilities.

  • 🌐 Supported languages include JavaScript, Typescript, Java, and Python, covering more than 90% of alert types.

The unique three-way partnership, revealed on March 20, will enable enterprises to access Anthropic’s most advanced AI models, including the entire Claude 3 family, through Amazon’s Bedrock platform and leverage Accenture’s technical and industry expertise to fine-tune these models for industry-specific applications.

We already wrote about this, about how every single knowledge economy job will be impacted. Here’s the article for our analysis.


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