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  • Five Pulitzer finalists are using AI, Devin is the first synthetic worker, demoed as a full end-to-end Software engineer.

Five Pulitzer finalists are using AI, Devin is the first synthetic worker, demoed as a full end-to-end Software engineer.

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Five Pulitzer finalists are utilizing AI, and Devin is the first synthetic worker demonstrated as a full end-to-end software engineer. Cognition Labs showcased Devin developing mobile apps, debugging, learning new languages, and even fulfilling an Upwork gig entirely on its own.

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  • Five of this year's Pulitzer finalists are AI powered

  • Google restricts Gemini from answering election questions

  • Devin - The first synthetic worker and the first AI software engineer

  • ChatGPT 4.5 Turbo might be planned for end of the year

  • Government-commissioned report says AI is an extinction-level thread


What: Five of the 45 finalists in this year’s Pulitzer Prizes for journalism disclosed using AI in the process of researching, reporting, or telling their submissions, according to Pulitzer Prize administrator Marjorie Miller.

Key points:

  • 💡 Five of this year’s Pulitzer finalists utilized AI in their submissions.

  • 🏆 Pulitzer Prize and George Polk Awards are exploring AI integration into their contest rules.

  • 🤖 Pulitzer Board initiated discussions on AI policies due to its rising popularity in journalism.

  • 📝 Pulitzer Board required disclosure of AI usage in submissions for the first time this year.

  • 📚 The George Polk Awards are considering adapting their rules to address AI usage.

Noteworthy: All knowledge economy jobs can benefit from AI, but as we know from recent news, many publications are laying off journalists to replace them with Generative AI


What: At long last, Midjourney has added a new feature that ensures character consistency, completing the final piece of the puzzle. Why is this significant? Because with this enhancement, you can now use Midjourney for any type of visual content creation. Expect to see a surge in ads generated by Midjourney, as it becomes possible to create a fictional model to showcase a hundred types of t-shirts, or have the same model try out various types of burgers, and so on. You get the picture.


  • 💡 Google's Gemini AI chatbot is restricted from answering election-related questions in countries where voting is taking place this year.

  • 🌍 Restrictions initially applied to the US and India, and will extend to other nations with elections scheduled for this year.

  • 🤖 When asked election-related questions, Gemini responds evasively or directs users to use Google search instead.

In some geographies (global rollout is gradual) you can create custom GPTs directly in Copilot. This means you can save your most used prompts and create Custom GPTs to speed up your tasks.

Cognition Labs has just unveilied what has been the promise since we first heard of Generative AI – the first synthetic worker.

Equipped with advanced long-term reasoning and planning abilities, Devin can undertake intricate engineering tasks with remarkable efficiency. Its cognitive ability allows it to make thousands of decisions, recall pertinent information, and learn from its experiences. With a comprehensive suite of developer tools integrated into its framework, including a shell, code editor, and browser, Devin operates within a sandboxed compute environment, mirroring the capabilities of a human engineer. Moreover, Devin actively collaborates with users, reports on its progress in real time, accepts feedback, and works together with you through design choices as needed.

An archived blog post seems to have appeared on OpenAI’s website that people discovered being indexed by Google. This blog post shows GPT 4.5 Turbo is coming with a knowledge cut off for June 2024, leaning people to believe it will be launched after this date.

  • Recommendations from the report include sweeping policy actions such as regulating the computing power used for AI training, requiring government permission for deploying new models, and tightening controls on AI chip manufacture and export.

  • The report emphasizes the risks associated with both "weaponization" of AI for catastrophic attacks and the "loss of control" over advanced AI systems.


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