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  • Musk's AI will be open source, Midjourney suspects that Stability AI is scraping its data

Musk's AI will be open source, Midjourney suspects that Stability AI is scraping its data

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Midjourney suspects that Stability AI is scraping its data, and it has now gained the ability to remember faces. Meanwhile, Cohere and Accenture have initiated a collaboration.

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  • Midjourney bans all Stability AI employees over alleged data scraping

  • Midjourney now remembers faces

  • AI-Generated Marilyn Monroe chatbot can hold an extended conversation with ‘realistic emotions’ and expressions, company claims

  • Cohere and Accenture collaborate to accelerate enterprise AI adoption

  • Snowflake partners with Mistral AI to offer Mistral Large model in Snowflake Data Cloud

  • Musk’s AI will be open source, available later this month


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What: Midjourney says it has banned Stability AI staffers from using its service, accusing employees at the rival generative AI company of causing a systems outage earlier this month during an attempt to scrape Midjourney’s data.

Key points:

  • 💼 Midjourney banned all Stability AI employees over alleged data scraping.

  • 📉 The ban came after Midjourney experienced a near 24-hour service outage on March 2nd, attributed to 'botnet-like activity' from two Stability AI accounts.

  • 🚫 Midjourney introduced a new policy to ban employees of any company engaging in 'aggressive automation' or causing service outages.

  • 🤔 Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque is investigating the situation, denying involvement and claiming the outage, if caused by an employee, was unintentional.

Noteworthy: Interesting to see how data is the new gold in the race for AI, and companies might go to the extreme to get it. Last month Google signed a yearly $60M contract with the famous internet forum Reddit to scrape its data to train Gemini.


What: At long last, Midjourney has added a new feature that ensures character consistency, completing the final piece of the puzzle. Why is this significant? Because with this enhancement, you can now use Midjourney for any type of visual content creation. Expect to see a surge in ads generated by Midjourney, as it becomes possible to create a fictional model to showcase a hundred types of t-shirts, or have the same model try out various types of burgers, and so on. You get the picture.


  • 💬 Marilyn Monroe has been reincarnated as a "hyper-real" AI-generated digital avatar.

  • 🎙️ Fans can engage in conversations with the AI Marilyn Monroe, who can answer questions in her signature voice and style.

  • 🤖 The AI chatbot, named Digital Marilyn, uses advanced natural language processing and deep learning.

  • 📷 It can read users' emotions and respond accordingly via proprietary camera and microphone technology.

  • 📈 Successful projects include powering Accenture’s knowledge agent for Finance and Treasury teams, enhancing decision-making.

  • 🤝 Cohere collaborates closely with Accenture to offer AI tailored solutions for businesses, leveraging cloud and industry expertise.

  • 💡 Generative AI implementation is moving beyond experimentation, seeking experienced platforms for real business value.

Lan Guan, Chief AI Officer at Accenture noted in her blog post on the business partnership: “Building on ​Accenture’s $3B investment in AI, we have teamed up with Cohere, a leading AI platform for enterprise, to accelerate how we can help companies incorporate AI into their operations at ​scale, prioritizing​ privacy and security.”

  • 🔐 Partnership emphasizes security, privacy, and governance over enterprise data.

  • 🚀 Snowflake's Cortex eliminates complex GPU infrastructure management for AI accessibility.

  • 📈 Snowflake Cortex supports various use cases with specialized functions for sentiment analysis, translation, and summarization.

Elon Musk shared on X that Grok, xAI's language model, will be open sourced in the coming days.


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