Nvidia let's you build your own robot!

Microsoft AI - a new division led by the Inflection AI CEO (pi.ai)

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Nvidia is not slowing down, launching solutions for Robotics. This will allow robots to process language, improved reasoning and bring us closer to an android future.

Last week we saw Figure AI showing a robot with ChatGPT, Nvidia’s solution will allow all robotic companies to do something similar.

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  • Microsoft Hires DeepMind Co-Founder to Run Consumer A.I.

  • Google’s Future: Challenges and Opportunities in an AI-Driven World

  • Sam Altman says he doesn't think the world 'needs another copy of Google' because 'that's boring'

  • NVIDIA Announces Project GR00T Foundation Model for Humanoid Robots

  • Saudi Arabia Plans $40 Billion Push Into Artificial Intelligence


What: Mustafa Suleyman's appointment at Microsoft underscores the growing significance of AI in consumer-facing technologies. Microsoft invested, along with with Nvidia, up to $1.3b last year in June in Inflection AI, the creators of pi.ai of which Mustafa Suleyman was the CEO of.

Key points:

  • Strategic Talent Acquisition: Mustafa Suleyman and his team's transition to Microsoft reflects the company's aggressive pursuit of top talent to strengthen its AI initiatives.

  • Expansion of Consumer AI: Suleyman's role will involve overseeing the development and enhancement of consumer-facing AI products such as Copilot chatbot, Bing search engine, and Edge internet browser.

  • Acceleration of AI Research and Development: Microsoft anticipates a faster pace in AI advancements with the infusion of new talent, enabling the company to innovate and iterate its AI offerings more rapidly.

Noteworthy: Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google's DeepMind, leaving his startup highlights the need for talent in advancing consumer AI, especially in companies like Microsoft.


What: Google faces two significant challenges in an AI-driven world: maintaining relevance amid changing technological landscapes and dealing with the proliferation of AI-generated content, which threatens traditional search engine models.

Key points:

  • Adaptation to AI Innovation: Google must invest in AI research and development to catch up with competitors like Microsoft in AI-powered search technologies.

  • Monetization Strategy: It needs to develop new revenue streams and business models to monetize AI-generated content effectively.

  • Partnerships and Collaboration: Google should explore partnerships and collaborations to enhance its AI capabilities and expand its market presence.


Sam Altman expresses a lack of interest in building a better search engine than Google, citing it as "boring." Altman emphasizes the pursuit of more transformative ways to assist users in finding, processing, and utilizing information, rather than replicating Google's search engine.

  • Project GR00T: NVIDIA introduces Project GR00T, a multimodal foundation model for humanoid robots, enabling them to learn various skills and tasks.

  • Collaboration and Partnerships: NVIDIA collaborates with leading humanoid robot companies to advance the robotics ecosystem and address challenges in various industries.

The announcement focuses on the need for advanced technology in humanoid robotics, including the development of foundation models capable of enhancing robotic capabilities, learning skills, and interacting with humans and environments effectively.

  • Saudi Arabia intends to create a $40 billion fund for investing in artificial intelligence, as revealed by sources familiar with the plans.

  • The move signifies Saudi Arabia's ambitious entry into the A.I. market, reflecting the global trend of nations investing heavily in A.I. technology.

  • This substantial investment could potentially position Saudi Arabia as a significant player in the A.I. sector, contributing to its economic diversification efforts and technological advancement.


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