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  • Phrases to avoid to sound like AI; Europe investigates Big Tech’s use of AI concerned about the destructive power of deepfakes.

Phrases to avoid to sound like AI; Europe investigates Big Tech’s use of AI concerned about the destructive power of deepfakes.

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Phrases to avoid to sound like AI; Europe investigates Big Tech’s use of AI concerned about the destructive power of deepfakes.

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  • Europe investigates Big Tech’s use of generative AI

  • OpenAI partners up with Newspapers

  • Apple buys startup DarwinAI, adds staff to its AI division, Bloomberg reports

  • How to and not to sound like ChatGPT – AI cliches phrases

  • Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban Says, 'If You Don't Know AI, You Are Going To Fail'


the EU Flag, but instead of stars, put the logo of apple, tiktok, facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter

What: The European Union launched a probe Thursday into Big Tech’s use of artificial intelligence and its handling of computer-generated deepfakes, ramping up scrutiny of a technology officials fear could disrupt elections.

Key points:

  • The European Union initiated an investigation into Big Tech's AI use and handling of deepfakes, concerned about potential election disruptions.

  • The probe targets Meta, Microsoft, Snap, TikTok, and X, examining their management of generative AI risks, including AI "hallucinations," viral deepfakes, and automated service manipulation.

  • The European Commission demands information on mitigating measures against these risks, especially in the context of the upcoming EU parliamentary elections.

  • Tech companies are required to respond by April 5 regarding their preparedness against the spread of election misinformation through AI.

Noteworthy: It’s a big election year and AI literacy is still very low. No surprise, since most deepfakes are so good that it’s just impossible to tell. We will all have to adopt the “trust, but verify” approach. On one side AI will save time by increasing productivity, on the other we’ll spend more time checking everything.


What: At long last, Midjourney has added a new feature that ensures character consistency, completing the final piece of the puzzle. Why is this significant? Because with this enhancement, you can now use Midjourney for any type of visual content creation. Expect to see a surge in ads generated by Midjourney, as it becomes possible to create a fictional model to showcase a hundred types of t-shirts, or have the same model try out various types of burgers, and so on. You get the picture.

Noteworthy: This will accelerate the job displacement in the marketing industries. Sam Altman recently said: “95% of what marketers use agencies, strategists and creative professionals for will be handled by AI at nearly no cost.” Jobs are being lost a lot faster then they are being replaced in the AI revolution.


OpenAI has announced partnerships with Le Monde and Prisa Media involving the integration of their content into ChatGPT to provide users with interactive and insightful access to news and to aid in model training.

  • 💼 Apple acquired AI startup DarwinAI and integrated its staff into its AI division.

  • 📱 The purchase was made earlier this year, although the exact deal value wasn't disclosed.

  • 🌐 Apple has been slower in implementing generative AI compared to rivals like Microsoft and Google.

  • 🤝 Alexander Wong, a key figure in DarwinAI, joined Apple as a director in its AI group as part of the acquisition.

Asking ChatGPT for examples of Cliches, using the prompt with Midjourney: "The Pot Calling the Kettle Black": A kitchen scene with anthropomorphic pot and kettle characters, both with sooty faces, pointing at each other in a humorous argument.

These are the most common phrases AIs will use that, well, just sound like AI. Tools like ChatGPT are trained on human language and most of them are actually useful phrases that you will encounter on the pre-AI internet era. Some are just cliches that ChatGPT seems to have a particular affection for. If you want to avoid some of them (especially since these are targeted by anti-AI cheating software), read our article.

If you don't know AI, you are going to fail. Period, end of story," Cuban said. "It will have significant impact on every single thing that you do, there's no avoiding it." 

The billionaire CEO sees AI becoming an integral part of all educational and employment settings, as well as potential military applications


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